Using a Fake Doctors Note for Your Benefit

Posted by Laura Young on December 11th, 2013 — Posted in Uncategorized

a-doctor-writing-out-a-fake-doctors-noteIn job in America can take a massive toll on one’s life. I recently read a study that said we are working harder than ever, and it is taking a large toll on our bodies and our families. In addition to this, getting time off has become a very difficult obstruction. The problem with all this, is that it is bad for our health. Heart disease, hair loss, suicide, and general depression is all on the rise. It is time to take a break.
Despite all this, there are many alibis that we can use to get a day off. One of my personal favorites is to use a fake doctors note. Thanks to the Internet, there are many options for these now online. All it takes is a little Internet surfing, and you will find a multitude of different options available.

There are a lot of dangers, however, to fake doctors excuse notes. Although I realize homemade things are usually better,  personally have to suggest that you do not make your own doctors note. Too many people have done this, and it just looks too phony. I realize your boss may not examine the document with careful eyes, but it’s best to use great discretion when creating such a document. That is why am recommend simply purchasing one of mine for the very small cost.
When you buy or, possibly make your own fake doctors note, you need to make sure that it has common elements that are shown in many medical documents. This includes small details such as a letterhead, logo, various fonts, header, barcodes, watermarks, and other aesthetic details.
Also, when making your note, be sure not to reveal too much. Having too much information on the excuse note will be a dead giveaway. This is because many notes today follow HIPAA rules, which are consistent with patient-doctor confidentiality rules. So be very careful with what your note reveals. Simply list a few things such as restrictions.

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