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Posted by Laura Young on November 8th, 2017 — Posted in Uncategorized

Like most people, weight loss for me has been a difficult process. The annoying calorie counting, protein shakes, starvation. It just seemed as though no matter what I did I just could not seem to lose weight and I was s

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eeing no results for my efforts. The frustration would set in and eventually self control would be lost. A cheat day would happen hear and there. Then the eventual break down of dieting would happen. This would happen to me over and over again. Depression would set in and I just could not stand to do another diet. Then I started to wonder if I could not see results with just doing proper dieting, were there any other options.

That is when I discovered coolsculpting. Although you still need to diet. Coolsculpting is a non-surgical way to freeze fat and target hard to lose fat. The process is FDA approved, so you know it is safe and its results are long lasting. The idea to freeze fat is a bit of a bazaar concept, but it helps to sculpt your body and will target nine different areas. Though my abdomen and inner thighs seem to be my weakest spots. For others love handles and and arms my be better targets for do-it-yourself coolsculpting.

The benefit of the process being non-surgical in tremendous. To freeze fat requires no anesthesia or pain killers. That is how painless the process is. The process takes only a few minutes and can be done with a quick in and out process. Because it is non-surgical, there is no need for recovery time. It is also truly affordable for everyone and will likely be half as expensive as liposuction. With its fast in and out process you won’t have to waste the day away for the procedure and is the most efficient process for weight loss and sculpting on the market. It is truly worth the time and effort to check it out. I for one see this process in my future. Although I may still need to work on my dieting, the ability to see results will surely give a confidence boost, I and so many others need in their weight loss journey.

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