Appointment Reminders Made Easier with Automated Systems

Posted by Laura Young on April 7th, 2014 — Posted in Uncategorized

If your business relies on timely appointments to operate smoothly then reminding your clients or patients of upcoming appointments has never been easier. Instead of wasting valuable employee time placing calls or mailing postcards, these employees could be spending that time interacting with customers if your business was utilizing an automated appointment reminder system. The Kindly-Remind automated appointment reminder system contacts clients via a custom voice recording, an SMS (text) message or email, each with a detailed message of their appointment information. It is a simple, easy to use completely web based program, which means there is no confusing software to download onto your computers and can easily be run by anyone in a matter of a few minutes. This automated appointment reminder system is also convenient for patients as it allows them to easily confirm or cancel their appointment with only a few simple steps and they are sure to love having more options about how they can receive their reminders. This system cuts costs as it saves countless hours previously spent by employees calling clients and cuts down on missed appointments, making the potential greater for even more earnings for your business or organization.

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